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ADVERTISERS have missed out on one of the year’s biggest TV events with the unprecedented public focus on the Oscar Pistorius trial catapulting the dedicated TV court channel (199 on DStv) to fourth most watched in South Africa. oscar channel

So far, advertisers have failed to follow the viewers who have shunned their regular TV schedules in favour of a blow-by-blow account of the sensational trial, making this channel the one of the biggest channel in the history of MultiChoice.

Joining #Marketing Biz is Ilsa Grabe – Business Unit Head – Carat,  Johannesburg. They have just conducted key research into this subject and openly share their finding with us.

Years ago the OJ Simpson trial was the watershed moment for Reality TV, and it now appears that the Oscar Trial is South Africa’s TV watershed moment……..Ilsa takes us through the following

·       What prompted the research on this?

·       Why do you think advertisers are not flocking to the channel?

·       What in your opinion would encourage brands to advertise and benefit from the massive viewership?

·       You said only 6 advertisers were currently advertising – who are they and why do you think they seized the opportunity – was it an agency push or do you think the marketing departments at the brand pushed for this?

·       If there is resistance from brands to advertise, why do you think its then okay to advertise in say for example a “murder TV series i.e. Dexter with an 18 restriction, or the evening news – which is filled with horror stories?

·       Are we seeing the same trend when it comes to the daily newspapers – who report extensively on the case?

·       It would appear that “live court” TV is here to stay, do you think if the Dewani trial is given the right to be aired, do you think that advertisers will rush to be there, having hopefully learned a lesson from the Oscar trial?

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