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We are all experiencing trying times both emotionally and financially. We are wondering what our futures look like? Life right now feels like we are running a huge marathon. Someone who knows about stress, trying times, high performance is legendary sportsman AJ Venter .

We are delighted to announce that AJ Venter will be sharing his conversational vlog’s with amazing people with our audience.

In this chat he is joined by Mike Sewell, founder of The Running Company Mike had been in corporate space for 16 years and decided to break free and make a move towards following his passion. The motivation was to live a more interesting life, pursuing interests that really interested him rather than those driven by financial reward or societal acceptance.

The first move was Project Patagonia; an independent and self-organised running expedition through South America. Over 6 weeks, Mike and a mate ran 1,200km through Patagonia, pushing all their gear, food and water in jogging strollers. Next, Mike joined the Long Road to Comrades project where 6 runners would each attempt to run from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg in 19 days – and then run the 2018 Comrades ultra-marathon. The equivalent of 20 Comrades in 20 days. Although the original goal was not achieved, Mike clocked 1,090km in 20 days including a bronze medal finish at the Comrades.

Since then, Mike has launched The Running Company with his partner Carla (whom he met on the Long Road to Comrades). The Running Company offers running adventures and events as well as a monthly Adventure Tales evening of inspirational guest speakers and films.

Whilst in this period of lockdown we all need human connection and motivation to keep us going. This is the perfect break to help your spirits be lifted.

*Note – this conversation took place on 15th October 2019 – but the content is so relevant in these times.

Click here to view – Life with AJ Venter

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