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Cranberry.  Lime.  Blueberry.  Flavors  evocative of summer. Tastes that tempt the palate. A sensational experience that gives wings to the colour, energy and vibe of Red Bull’s Special Editions being launched this season.

Trigger Isobar was tasked by Red Bull to design a digital campaign that would reaffirm its position as the premium energy drink for South Africans, while tempting consumers into trying its tasty new flavours.

Adding three vibrant new tastes to its repertoire is part of a strategic plan to drive increased market share for Red Bull by drawing in new consumers while keeping existing ones excited by its innovative packaging and delicious lime, cranberry and blueberry Special Editions that reinforce the energy drink’s premium label.

Phase 1: Wings for every taste

Red Bull invested in all media platforms to publish the news that Red Bull had extended its basic offering by creating ‘Wings for every taste’ and added three new flavours to its range while giving effect to its energising experience. A call to action brought consumers back to its website.

“Looking at platforms we knew we had to get mass awareness and high impact and had to find a way to extend our digital budget to do this on a national level.  Our client invested in a substantial media budget on both traditional and digital channels which included Red Bull’s owned assets as well as blogger engagement targeting the three focus cities: Johannesburg; Cape Town and Durban,” says Anine de Wet, Account Director, Trigger Isobar

“Rich media banners were designed to take over the site for a few seconds and cans would either ‘launch’ off the page or ‘explode’ against a city skyline depending on which phase you were in. This online engagement was combined with a real-world interactive touch screens mounted on to can shaped vending machines, where you could get a free can of Red Bull once you connected with the touch screen, allowing the consumer to try the new flavours.”

This, of course, had the same powerful impact of a billboard, but allowed consumers to actually taste the products without devaluing the brand.

Phase 2: Light up your city

‘Wings for every taste’ was given real flight by launching a competition in which consumers can enter online to win an amazing overseas Red Bull experience for two, including accommodation and ‘wings’.

“That is what we call a real incentive!” says de Wet. “Consumers can even choose one of three prizes, staying true to the campaign’s main message ‘wings for every taste’.”

The three cities taking part have each been ‘colour coded’. Johannesburg is the #rededition. Durban is the #silveredition and Cape Town is the #blueedtion. Fans and followers are encouraged to back their city to light up first by tweeting the hash tag associated with each city. If your city lights up first you’ll be entered into the grand prize to win your choice of one of three Red Bull experiences:

–    A trip to experience Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain
–    A trip to experience Red Bull Crashed Ice in Europe
–    A trip to experience Red Bull Art of Motion in Santorin, Greece

Also, by entering their daytime addresses, consumers could win a delivery of Red Bull Special Editions stock to celebrate with.

The campaign culminates in a grand finale, appropriately on Guy Fawkes, 5 November. On that night, Red Bull will light up the winning city in ways never experienced before.

Phase 3: Closing the loop

Closing the loop on Phase 1, the Red Bull Vending Cans were added to the digital sites and users could view their top scores and pictures from where they made their appearance around the country. The first vending machines were placed at Rocking the Daisies festival in Darling in October.

The machine interface allows users to view product info and play the game, but at the same time, they had to fill in their data, with the option to opt in for Red Bull communication, after which mailers would be deployed informing them of their top scores and reminding them of the competition.

“This enabled a reinforcement of the brand with consumers,” says de Wet  “And on the night, we will set up viewing decks and LED screens in our partner cities as part of the collaboration that will allow those who haven’t been part of the campaign to take part on the night itself.

“We have been privileged to have worked with a client that supports and encourages innovative ideas and especially supporting the convergence of brand ideas across channels.”

About Trigger Isobar

Trigger Isobar is a full-service digital creative agency. They are a group of problem solvers who combine creativity and technology to connect brands with people who live in Africa.

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