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It has been said that traveling well is more skill than talent – but regardless of where you are going – when you get to the other side and step into the office; you want to feel confident. These beauty tips and tricks will help keep your skin glowing and gorgeous so when you are in the boardroom you can own your power. Depending on where you are going, how long you are away for, and how taxing your schedule – you may need to up the ante and pack a few extra products as a counter to the often unforgiving effects of travel on your skin.

Mode and Travel Time:

Long haul flights leave you – and your skin – dehydrated, tired and a little worse for wear by the time you reach your destination. In fact looking fresh faced after a long-haul flight generally feels impossible. This is because skin gets very little oxygen during flight time as you are in an encapsulated environment without fresh air – so it does not get cleansed thoroughly. As much as you can get ill from the dry air that’s been recirculated repeatedly, the same applies to your skin, which automatically becomes dryer and more dehydrated. You need to make allowances for this by increasing the amount of product you apply before embarking – and you would do well to pack some of your richer “winter” products in your hand luggage [even if you are heading for the tropics]. Apply while you are on the road or inflight and at least the first day after you arrive.lamelle

If you have hours to kill inflight – you could even consider applying a mask like Serra Lipid Recovery Mask which will reduce any redness and inflammation, and has a soothing effect on the skin. Limit alcohol intake on flights – it will go a long way to controlling the drying effects on your skin, drink lots of water, and don’t overdo your make up either. Be sure to cleanse before you go to sleep – to make things easier you can pre-moisten cotton wool with your cleanser to remove your makeup; just keep in a sealed bag to retain moisture. Consider using Helase 50 – a photo-protection product to protect your skin from inflight UV light and radiation.

Pack some eye drops to avoid dry red eyes and if they look tired lined and puffy – underscored with bags larger than your luggage – use a full pump of Corrective HA Plus. This is a fantastic plumping treatment. Alternatively Lamelle’s Nourish range has an eye cream that could also assist with dark rings under your eyes.

The same applies to other forms of transport where you will be exposed to the drying effects of air conditioning. For international flights remember to decant so that you don’t exceed your inflight liquid allowances.

If you have any in-salon treatments immediately before your trip, make sure that your skin is fully recovered before embarking your flight. When it comes to more medical aesthetic treatments and peels, your therapist is creating a controlled injury that will need recovery time. Having a peel or laser treatment or even a facial and then getting on the plane a few hours later, will cause havoc with your skin and is not recommended. The change in routine and environmental humidity will dry your skin out even further, which leads to longer healing time and you might even look like you are having an allergic reaction. If you are visiting a foreign country, with foreign rules regarding medicine and medical intervention, it might get tricky to get the help you need to fix this challenge. Adding to this, over the counter in SA does not mean that the same medication will be available over the counter in the country you are visiting. So pack an over the counter anti-histamine and cortisone cream if your skin is being treated, or if you tend to have very reactive skin. By doing so you will avoid costly visits to a doctor for a skin reaction.

Environmental Extremes:

A change in climate – particularly environmental humidity – will impact your skin. Have you ever travelled to Durban or London in the summer only to wake up the next morning with a massive pimple on your face? This is in all likelihood because of an increase in humidity which in turn increases water retention in your skin. The effect is it can cause the pores on your face to close and although this is great if you have large open pores on your skin – it’s a challenge for most in that this environment is also great for bacteria (on your skin). Bacteria prefer an environment that is oxygen deficient and it will encourage pimple formation.

To manage and even prevent this from happening, follow a routine of regular exfoliation or peeling. This will limit the bacteria on your skin and if affected it will heal more quickly. The best advice is that if you do tend to get regular breakouts – make sure you pack a spot treatment and a lighter moisturiser when you are travelling to Durban, or Bali or any other humid environment.

In extreme climates like Windhoek where winter dryness is palpable – shrivelling up skin and drying it out – lines and wrinkles look worse and the texture of your skin is likely to become dry and dull. In conditions like these, use more of everything, including exfoliation products. Products like Lamelle’s Barrier Repair and Serra Soothing cream will restore your skin.lamelle business travel 1.jpg

Changing Up Your Routine:

Again – don’t take a holiday from basic skin care routines just because your daily routine has changed during your business trip; continue to cleanse and remove your make-up before going to sleep, moisturise and add a hydrating serum. Remember that just the one early morning to catch a red eye flight, or a total change in sleep patterns (jet lag), diet and sun exposure will all have an impact on your skin. Strive to achieve balance. If you are being entertained and your alcohol intake is higher than normal, drink more water! Eat a salad once a day to make up for starchy, sugary take aways. Sleep at least a few hours each night if you can and always apply a good sunscreen.

If you really can’t manage more than the basics, then the most important thing you can do for your skin is to cleanse and moisturise twice a day (adjusting to your skins needs).

For further information on Lamelle Research Laboratories visit or find them on Facebook: Lamelle Research Laboratories.

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