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BizRadio chat a great chat with Riana Geldenhuys (@theinktrail) for Travel Biz about the question of weather Southern Africa is safe for tourists. The chat was based on her story published in Southern African Tourism Update’s Digimag (Read and page through online now: CLICK CLICK! ) Here also also some great saftey tips issued by South African Tourism:

SA Tourism advises operators to give clients tips such as: (As South Africans we can give tourists the same tips)

  • Leave copies of your itinerary, passport and medical prescriptions with family or friends
  • Take a small first-aid kit
  • Have personal accident cover
  • Plan your route
  • Use well-lit ATMs and be alert at ATMs
  • When using your card to pay, ask that the card machine be brought to you
  • Separate cash and credit cards. Don’t carry all your cash with you.
  • Store parcels and valuables out of sight in the car boot
  • Always drive with locked doors and closed windows
  • Explore in groups and stick to well-lit streets at night
  • Be aware of spiked drinks
  • Blend in and carry cameras out of sight

Podcast: Click HERE to listen


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