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The decision by the US Federal Reserve not to raise interest rates has led to a flow of cash into emerging markets as investors search for greater yields….

This has led to the Rand and the JSE strengthening, with the Rand dropping below the R14/1$ level, it has also strengthened against other major currencies such as the Yen, Pound and Euro.treasury-one-financial-services-floating-logo

Our local market has been strengthened by recent comments by Ratings agencies that although there is still a risk of a downgrade later on in the year, the chances of said downgrade have decreased.

Internationally the US market is flat as cash flows into emerging economies, however many traders in the States still believe that a rate hike will occur sometime soon, so we could see a reversal of the gains in the last week.

TreasuryOne provides a daily market view and daily market rates in the morning and afternoon via Whatsapp. If you want to receive up to date market information, please add the following number to your contact list – TreasuryOne market rates no 061 109 3649 and complete the following form for us to add you to the service.

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