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The annual Flux Trends release – The State We’re In – is an overview of where the world is, and where it is going, using the acronym T.R.E.N.D.S. Each letter represents a key sector that will affect how we live, work or play in the coming year. It’s an executive summary of global dynamics and winds of change.

The 2020 edition is titled, The Politics of Rage & Polarisation: A Quest for Middle Ground.

By the end of 2019, the rising anger around the globe was palpable, as were the divisions that fuelled the rage. Whether they were political, economic, environmental or cultural, anger and dissatisfaction were omnipresent, and the merest spark ignited the flames of protest.

Globally,  economic inequality, differences in political ideology and personal views are growing more extreme and divisive. Twitter reflects both the rage and toxicity we live with. Hope of finding common ground has receded, so the search for middle ground becomes all the more important. Middle ground is compromise; common ground is problem-solving. 

Finding middle ground only addresses the symptoms of conflict, not its causes. 
It will only mask tensions, not resolve them: but we have to start somewhere.
Middle ground points to an equitable solution. It won’t be perfect and will be temporary, but it should quell the anger.

To paraphrase Taylor Swift: “We need to calm down.”

Aren’t you curious to discover what state we’re in?

We will present our first SWI 2020 trend briefing on Wednesday, 12 February 2020. 

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