The state of marketing education in South Africa | Tony Koenderman & Craig Page-Lee | #TsAndCsApply


Currently the education system in South Africa is on the road to disaster, do we blame the system or the institutions and what is currently happening in the marketing and advertising arena and how does education affect this?

Joining the T’s & C’s Apply duo are Cecelia Andrews – Faculty Head AAA School of Advertising –  and  Gordon Cook – co-founder and national school navigator for Vega school of branding leadership.

We all know that digital has changed the playing field forever and that word of mouth now sets the bar, but how has education kept abreast with this? We have kept the entire conversation as a single podcast, but the content can be seen in two specific parts WHERE ARE WE RIGHT NOW and then at 32minutes it goes into WHERE TO FROM HERE.

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The state of marketing education in South Africa
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Where are we right now?

  • Does basic education prepare students to actually understand creativity?
  • Are schools trapped in the past?
  • Do students understand the flow of media and how to get an idea across on these mediums?
  • Are students ahead of the retail market?
  • Do they understand the basics of business and can they plan accordingly
  • Expectations versus reality – The marketing field is every changing and evolving – is education?
  • What a BRAND is in today’s market and how do students constantly evolve the brand to remain relevant
  • Do the teachers even understand the playing field they teach?
  • Nothing is forever! Blackberry as a case study

Where to from here?

  • Could the principles of brand management and creativity be introduced at a high school level?
  • Do we need to go back to basics i.e. what is great design? And how do we get back there?
  • Do we have a unique African way of design?
  • How do we get the schools to start teaching the understanding of design in an African Context?
  • The industry needs to do their bit to uplift and attract young talent into it
  • Can South Africa produce the goods in terms of what the marketing, creativity and design industry needs?

Tony-Koenderman-and-Craig-Page-Lee-e2-Ts-And-Cs-Apply-BottomAbout Ts & Cs Apply TsANDCsApply-NO-SHADOW

A no holds barred series of conversations hosted by Tony Koenderman & Craig Page-Lee.Thought provoking and challenging – filling a gap in the marketing space that is free to all with no T’s & C’s applied.

On the backend of some serious and meaningful industry comments and conversation currently not happening on the African continent the conceptualization and launching of Ts & Cs Apply hopes to fill that gap in the industry.

The creation of key conversation capital that is available to anyone who is interested in the fast moving marketing space in Africa – from local to global – Ts & Cs Apply is the meeting ground of minds and insight sharing through the downloading of audio podcasts that are free and meant to be shared with your colleagues, competitors and working community – from the boardroom to the classroom.

Joining Tony and Craig on a regular basis will be industry thought-leaders, innovators and instigators – the sort of people that have no problem getting down and dirty into an industry conversation that serves as catalytic convertors for improvement and growth of the marketing space across Africa.

Tony Koenderman BW on BizRadioTony Koenderman

Marketing Analyst

Editor & Publisher: AdReview

Craig Page-Lee BWCraig Page-Lee

Managing Director – Posterscope SA

The back-room innovators:


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