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Craig is back! After leaving his last position, Craig Page-Lee has begun to chart his own course in the business world with his new company d-cifr.

d-cifr logo-2We chat to him about his new Company as well as the Outdoor Measurement Council.

The Outdoor Measurement Council (OMC) is a non-profit joint industry committee dedicated to the formulation and delivery of an accurate out of home (OOH) audience measurement currency.

In 2014, Terry Murphy of Primedia Outdoor and Lyn Jones of Continental Outdoor Media, (now JC Decaux) were mandated by the OOH industry to develop the joint industry committee, and to establish a research model and providers that would allow out of home advertising to compete with other media on an equal footing. Registered in March 2015, the OMC is run and controlled by majority shareholders, and supported by technical expertise from Kuper Research.omc1

The OMC has set out to provide accurate and reliable measurement metrics for out of home media, something previously lacking in South Africa. As a result of this research, out of home advertising will become more accountable, and is expected to grow its market share of local advertising spend as buyers realise its true value.

Under the OMC’s auspices, Ask Afrika and Spanish out-of-home research company Cuende Infometrics have collaboratively designed a cutting edge OOH research model – one at the forefront of such methodologies worldwide. This draws on traffic flows, satellite imagery and travel patterns to create a comprehensive traffic model, which when combined with the location of all media owner billboard panels, creates an accurate representation of OOH audiences.  These elements are modelled to create OOH ratings.

The new OOH currency will deliver reach, frequency, GRP’s (gross rating points), duplication factors, impacts, CPM (cost per thousand) and so on, and will be comparable to other media metrics – for the first time ever in South Africa.

In addition, state-of-the art Quantum software (available to buyers through Telmar) will make planning with OOH media more accessible and easier. According to the OMC, this software will enable media owners to upload their inventories on to a map, define a visibility model for each panel and calculate the corresponding frequency and reach. The user will have access to audience and panel network metrics, and can experiment with potential panel and network sites to discover what will give them the best impact for specifically defined target markets.

Craig Page-Lee, Founder & CEO of d-cifr

Craig Page-Lee, Founder & CEO of d-cifr

Daniel Cuende of Cuende Infometrics, notes that this will enable users to locate each billboard – along with orientation, audience estimation, GPS data, impact, profile, and demographics – on the fly, and allow them to experiment with orientation and groupings of billboards, look at brand data, and speedily create a new offering.

The OMC research will initially cover roadside OOH formats, later extending to the phased inclusion of commuter media and the measurement of indoor OOH media.

For more information, please visit:

Kuper Research – Leaders of the Advisory and Technical panels) Kuper Research was founded by Jos Kuper in 2000. In partnership with Lauren Shapiro, Kuper Research conducts pertinent studies and analyses for clients. (

Cuende – A Spanish market research company, the ‘rocket scientists of OOH research’, providing ground-breaking and ‘big-data’ methodologies and models that have been introduced in a number of countries in Europe and South America.   (

Quantum software – Quantum is the result of a partnership between CUENDE Infometrics and Telmar Group, an American company with clients in 85 countries specialized in media software planning tools. Quantum offers OOH Media companies and Media Agencies, the most powerful and cutting-edge tool for planning and management of Outdoor advertising, adapted to work with any Audience Measurement data.    (

Ask Afrika – Fieldwork providers for the travel questionnaire which provides the foundation for the demographic and traffic model.  (

Telmar – Telmar is a world-wide leading supplier of media advertising software and services used for reach, frequency and optimization. Telmar’s 10,000 users across 85 countries include many of the world’s leading advertising agencies, digital and print publishers, broadcasters and advertisers.   (



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Craig Page-Lee in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick von Stein





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