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MarketingBiz-on-BizRadioAegis Media, the world’s leading, media and digital communications specialist, has announced details of its keynote seminar “The Future of the Human: Brand: Interface”, hosted at the Grand Audi at the Palais des Festivals at 17.15 on Friday 21 June.

During the session, experts from MIT Media Lab, Oblong Industries and Aegis Media will share their predictions on the next wave of innovation in experiences and adaptive interfaces including the potential for mainstream adoption of gestural technology, and the significance of the latest innovation for people, society, culture, brands and business.

Only ten years after Steven Spielberg’s 2002 science fiction film Minority Report introduced a series of technologies expected to pervade society in 2054, the predictions are already a reality: from multi-touch interfaces and gesture technology; to vending machines using facial recognition to deliver demographically targeted ads. John Underkoffler, an original member of the team assembled to predict Minority Report’s future technologies, Hiroshi Ishii, a Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab, and Aegis Media’s CEO of North America & EMEA, Nigel Morris will discuss the vision behind the predictions, where technology is taking us and the future potential of these developments for consumers and brands in a convergent world.

“We’ve seen fifty years of predictions condensed into ten years of reality, and with this speed of development and adoption comes the awareness that people and brands are connecting through very intermediate technologies,” explained Aegis Media’s CEO of North America & EMEA Nigel Morris. “The seminar promises to be an entertaining and thought provoking session which will question and answer what this acceleration in innovation means for the future.“

Seminar details:

Title: The Future of the Human: Brand: Interface

Time: 17.15 – 18.00, Friday 21 June 2013

Location: Grand Audi, Palais des Festivals, Cannes


Hashtag: #AegisMIT

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