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The only way to fix our current education system is to COMPLETELY redesign it and start working, teaching and preparing our children and training our teachers for the world that is changing before our eyes. Changes can’t and wont happen overnight, but they have to start. We spent time with Colleen Rallim, Executive Head and Director of Rallim Preparatory, based in the Western Cape.

Collen Millar has a long and very successful career not only as a teacher, but as school head and a  school inspector spanning 24 years. Her understanding of our ever changing landscape that has been redefined by the continued rise of technology and AI, and how these all impact on our children and their futures, is staggering.

It takes tenacity and huge dollop of bravery to buck the system and change and redefine the landscape of education. For me as a parent, Rallim Prep’s appeal as a school lies in their strong sense of community as well as their  innovative, progressive and vibrant campus. They are commitment to realising their students’ potential which is built around providing a balanced education that addresses their intellectual, cultural, social-emotional and physical well being. As an independent school, their focus on nurturing  students and creating an environment that promotes growth on both an individual and a collective level is palpable as you enter the school grounds.

The overall strategy of this modern learning environment is to adopt a transformational high tech educational approach that will serve to disrupt the current educational model that exists in South Africa by providing the following:

  • An education that is defined by experiences of depth and not of coverage;
  • An education that augments traditional classifications of instruction through interdisciplinary learning and blended approaches with a strong technological bias;
  • An education that assigns equivalent weight to the acquisition of left and right brain aptitudes and competencies;
  • An education that is deeply experiential at its core and which works largely through enquiry and collaboration;
  • An education that measures success more broadly and creatively than merely by standardised testing;
  • An education that places greater emphasis on students taking responsibility for their education and cultivates passions and interests;
  • An education that works largely through inquiry and collaboration;
  • An education that is a drive for deeper, more personalised instruction.

I wish I could go back to school tomorrow, as this would be the school for me!

Colleen Millar in conversation with Ingrid von Stein  /  PODCAST | Click HERE to listen  /  Once the Podcast is playing, click Ctrl+S to download it.

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