Technology can cause office rage! |#eBiz Technology | Ingrid von Stein


Technology is great if you know how to use it and understand it, but if you are not all that clued up it can lead to frustration and irrational outbursts at the office, often inflicted on your co-workers.

On a daily basis we are introduced to new technology; be it new software, back-end operating systems specifically developed for your business; APPS that can do everything except make coffee or  social media feeds that keep pouring in via Facebook, Twitter, What’sApp – many of these social media feeds are connected to our business profiles and we are expected to respond professionally and timeously.

Not a day goes by that we are not witness to another business response tweet that has gone horribly wrong, leading to an all-out twitter war and court applications for defamation.

Can we all just stop for a moment and admit that we don’t know everything and that we have forgotten to engage the brain before we engage the tongue and fingers via our keyboards.

A few basic tips to help you not verbally abuse your colleagues:

  • Breathe, take a walk and breathe some more
  • If you don’t know what to do or understand the technology – get additional training and share your frustration with a colleague – chances are they are having the same problem.
  • Admit that you do not understand the technology and seek help
  • When you use the services of a technology company to implement software/hardware solutions in your business – make sure you are given proper training and if needs be additional training – remember you are paying for that service so use it.
  • Leave your personal frustrations in the parking lot and do not vent via your business social media feeds
  • Stop running to search engines to find a solution to your problems – speak up and share your frustrations with your colleagues; chances are they have had to deal with similar issues before and will be able to help you.
  • When choosing a supplier to assist you on your technology needs – make sure they take the time to understand your business; how it functions; what your business goals are; what you current business operational needs are – if they can’t do this for you before they “sell” you a solution – then go elsewhere and find the right partner for your business.

Lastly, remember to engage the brain before engaging the tongue and ensure that you have the right technology partner in your business.

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