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Have you ever felt incredibly stressed and busy, but looked back on a workday with the sad realisation that you actually achieved very little? Tracey Foulkes, co-founder and CEO of multinational company, This Is Productivity, calls this ‘getting caught up in the busy business of busyness’. In this way, we sabotage ourselves – and simply cannot do great work.

Below, Foulkes provides some simple ways in which we can take back our time – and become happier, more productive professionals.GO-Logo-space-June-09-Tracey-300x166

Start with #powerhour

Start your day with a #powerhour. Instead of shifting your high value tasks for later in the day, where you think you might be less disturbed or better able to focus, do these as early in your day as possible. If your day becomes a reactive mess, you would have at least done something towards a high value task instead of just a quick, fast and easy one.

Plan for Tomorrow

End your day with 5-10 minutes of planning for tomorrow. Doing this last task in the workday when your energy levels are low saves your high energy/high focus mornings for taking action – instead of wasting time wondering what action to take!

Create Boundaries

Dont take work home with you. Sure, there are some exceptions to the rule but try not make it a norm nor an expectation to work after hours. Crunching your work day into a predefined time frame means you have to work smart(er). There is less time for procrastination and more likelihood of focus.

Be Brave – Delegate

You can’t lead effectively if you can’t delegate, so it’s good practice to keep doing it. Consider delegating all repeat tasks that someone else could do just as well or even better than you can. That’s a good return on your time investment. But remember, that effective delegation means you get a consistent favorable result (on time too), so remember to tell or ask: What needs to be done? Why it’s important? Who needs to do it? By when? And how?

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Tracy Foulkes of Get Organised

Tracy Foulkes of Get Organised




Tracy Foulkes  in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick Snow

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