Spotify launches data-lite streaming services in RSA | #eBizTechnology | Arthur Goldstuck


The technological paradigm of the modern age is constantly experiencing ground breaking advancements allied by modifications designed to simplify our lives.

Streaming From Portable Gadgets
Mobile technology plays an integeral role in our society, take into consideration the rapid modernization of the various online mediums we utilize to consume content from multiple platforms, getting familiarized with the mechanics of how services such as Spotify and Netflix work will undoubtedly create more convenience & enhance our experience of streaming services holistically.

More on Streaming in RSA
Our conversation with
Arthur addressed the various strategies streaming services have implemented in order to expand their portfolio, as well as make their services a lot more accessible to consumers that may be subjected to unappealing social economic conditions.
Music plays a quintessential role in the vibrancy and invigoration of our souls, furthermore depending on your nationality or geographical location it would only make sense that one would want to connect with local recording artists that create music which is relatable to the daily experiences of their diametric

This interview highlights the fact that spotify has amplified the representation of local acts which is a monumental feat taking into consideration the global exposure South African musicians will receive through this initiative.
Another fascinating topic that was covered in our deliberation with Arthur was Netfilx’s personalization of recommendation for programming and synchronizing these functions with leading television manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and Panasonic among many others.
In totality this interview was highly informative & captivating,
Arthur did an excellent job at condensing and articulating otherwise complex concepts and simplifying them in a relatable & intriguing way that the public could enjoy without relinquishing the validity of the discussion.

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