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Dion-Chang-Biz-Trends-Header-We’ve come a long way since 1994. The first of our ‘born free’ generation is about to turn 20 years old.

But it’s not all plain sailing: The reality is, behind the rainbow nation, there is a forgotten generation of children about to enter society as active citizens, trying desperately to enter the workplace. Orphaned by AIDS and violence and failed by the system, this vast generation has grown up without proper education, without a moral compass and with little hope for the future.

In a country with a youth bulge as large as South Africa’s, our disenfranchised, unemployed and angry “lost generation” is a powder keg waiting to be lit. As individuals, business and as society at large, we can’t afford to sit by and do nothing. It is no longer “someone else’s problem”. Our future as a nation requires active citizenry.

After all, no one wins in a society approaching a 50% youth unemployment rate.

In the 2030 Youth Report presentation Flux Trends unpacks what went wrong, what we can expect as our damaged children come of age, but more importantly, what we can do now to break the vicious cycle.

BizTrends-on-BizRadioDion Chang in conversation with BizRadio’s Grant Jansen
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 In the 2030 Youth Report presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Who are South Africa’s “lost youth” and what steered them off course?
  • Cause and effect: The real reasons for South Africa’s abnormally high unemployment and crime
  • rates.
  • The heart of the problem: Why the breakdown of the family structure is limiting South Africa’s
  • evolution.
  • Who are our children’s role models – or lack thereof?
  • How we are failing our future: How our ‘”lost youth” generation will ultimately affect you,
  • personally as well as for-profit   businesses.
  • Why turning a blind eye is not an option – and why hand-outs don’t work.
  • How inspirational individuals are facilitating positive, lasting change by going to the root
  • cause.
  • We can fix the problem: the time to intervene is now.: What you can do to make a meaningful
  • difference today – as an individual and as an organisation.

Who should attend? This presentation is a must-see for thought-leaders, journalists, marketers and advertisers alike looking for insights into the state of our national mind-set and the challenges facing South Africa as the first “born free” generation comes of age. The 2030 Youth Report is required reading for individuals, NGOs or CSI departments who want to be catalysts for real and meaningful change needed in our society, to ensure that we break the destructive cycles that will affect our children as they become adults


Jozi Session

  • Time: 16h30 (Registration opens at 16h00)
  • Date: Wednesday, 12 June 2013
  • Address: Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Melrose Arch
  • 22 Whitely Street, Melrose Arch Precinct

Cape Town Session

  • Time: 16h30 (Registration opens at 16h00)
  • Date: Wednesday, 3 July 2013
  • Address: Protea Hotel Fire & Ice, Cape Town
  • New Church & Victoria Street, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town

To attend the Johannesburg or Cape Town presentation contact the Flux Office on 011 726-5529 or email Tumi at [email protected]

To book this presentation for corporate events in Johannesburg, e-mail Phuti on

Join Grant Jansen every weekday morning from 10 to noon for the Daily Biz on Biz Radio.


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