Sometimes your back end is more vital than your front end | #TechnoBiz with Chris Grant


Opinion piece by Chris Grant – CEO | NetDynamix | @netdynamix

We are all caught up in getting out into the public eye, doing campaigns that engage consumers and encourage feedback and interaction, but how many of us are really focusing on how important your back end systems are?If you don’t budget and spend on technology and constant upgrades in your business you are going to find that you will be slower to act than your competitors and constantly on the verge of a complete system failure if you don’t have the right equipment and software in place to back your big marketing ventures.

Technology equipment and upgrades are as vital to your business as having the right people in place to create and execute your master plans. You need to stay ahead of the curve, but you need to do it smartly – as you would with any business strategy. You need to work together with a supplier that has the same business ethic as your brand, understands your brand and can pre-empt what you will need to ensure that your back end systems are competitive.

Let’s ask you a few questions and see where you company is sitting on the technology scale now:

  • Have you planned for the redundancies in your hardware/software systems?
  • Do you have an up to date backup of your accounting system and CRM system?
  • Do you have a number of saved copies off site of your databases?
  • What would happen if you offices burnt down and all your equipment was destroyed?
  • What happens if your servers crash – do you have an immediate alternative server that kicks in within minutes so your business continues and is seamless?
  • What would your client do if they could not get hold of you when they needed to? (In an emergency)
  • What would you or your staff do if you were hit by an internet outage at your office that was set to span for two weeks?
  • What would you do if all of your data, databases, files and important information were lost because of ineffective backup procedures?

If you are suddenly having a panic attack and thinking that you are not sure of any of these answers, then best you sit with your IT team and get these issues sorted out. Yes it may cost you money now to upgrade your systems and put systems in place should you have a system failure, but in the long run your business depends on your back-end sometimes more so than you front-end. Remember you can’t move forward unless you know what is behind you and driving you forward.

NetDynamix is a Radio Broadcast Consulting Firm based in South Africa with a substantial footprint into Africa. Specialists in Radio Consultancy and Broadcast Technologies such as Audio Streaming, Outside Broadcast and Transmission Infrastructure, Studio Build Projects and Technical Support.

Join Grant Jansen every weekday morning from 10 to noon for the Daily Biz on Biz Radio.


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