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A qualified and very experienced accountant with many years of corporate experience under her belt felt that there was more to retirement than just hanging around.

What started as a hobby when her daughter was young has now flourished into a very professional and seriously hands on business.

They say the devil is in the detail. If you take a look at Noreen’s doll clothing creations you see the love and meticulous manner that a seasoned account would use, but with a brilliant flair of creativity.

The doll industry globally is a multi-billion dollar industry and the doll accessory business would appear to be way higher. From simple once off handcrafted doll clothing outfits to an entire wardrobe of bespoke clothing that can match your child’s favorite outfits, Noreen designs and manufactures every piece.

Noreen Badenhorst – Dress My Doll founder

Time is taken to select only the finest fabrics that are safe for children to come into contact with. Often we forget to actually check what the fabric is manufactured with and if it is indeed safe our children to be playing with them and sticking them in their mouths – as children do.

Not only does Dress My Doll do girls and boys dolls clothing, but they will also design and manufacture clothing items for collectable dolls – its not just children who play with dolls.

Noreen’s key advise to entrepreneurs (as both an accountant and a mompreneur) is the following 3 key things;

1.Do your market research and see what others are doing and charging

2. Know your target audience and market directly to them

3. Budget, budget and budget – draw up your budget and cost every element of the offering you take to market and stick to your budget.

If you wish to get into contact with Noreen you can email her directly on [email protected] or visit her site via

Dress My Doll is a proud member of Mommy Mall SA – should you wish to know more please click here

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