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Kgolane Jack Moruthane established Flight Mode Productions in 2017, a business that offers aerial footage and analytical services – essentially it captures moments from the sky.

Through the use of commercial drones, the business captures the outdoors – whether it be agricultural landscapes, public events or a catalogue of South African footage stock.

Its target market includes (but is not limited to) marketers, filmmakers, event organisers, journalists, private entertainers and area mapping experts.

Flight Mode Productions is a 100% black owned business.

Kgolane currently employs two people and plans to subcontract up to 18 pilots by 2019.

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To help develop the business, Kgolane has set a series of goals which include:

Short term, to comply with aviation laws by acquiring a commercial Remote Operator Certificate (ROC) as well as to become certified with safety management and quality assurance qualifications. In addition, he would like to provide clients with smart artificial intelligence (AI) insights following data collection.

Long term, Kgolane would like have a drone-hailing platform to host a network of drone pilots as well as setup a research portal for the agricultural community.

As a SAB KickStart Boost finalist, Kgolane would like to partner with SAB to help it achieve its 2025 sustainability goals through smart technology. To do this, he would like to pilot an affordable agri-tech programme for emerging farmers and connect experts with farmers who are looking to increase their crop yields. Through his services, he would like to empower local communities with the drone findings as well as with agronomist support.

Contact: (011) 038 1118 / 061 489 1854

Email:     [email protected] / [email protected]

Website: (coming soon)


  • Inspiration: My inspiration comes from my brother – Sepadi Daniel Moruthane. He studied at Vega School without a bursary or anyone to pay for it but himself.
  • What drives you and motivates you as an entrepreneur? My drive comes from my belief that all my ideas will materialise.
  • Advice to fellow entrepreneurs: Success in itself is just a word. Success comes to life when you overcome all obstacles – fatigue, excuses, critique and regret. Success is a personal thing. Success is believing in yourself to finish what you started. Success is a baton of entrepreneurs.
  • Something from your entrepreneur journey: Although we have no say into the circumstances we are born, we do have control on the life we live. That is why I became an entrepreneur – I am taking control of my own destiny.



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