SAB Boosts Youth Entrepreneurs Finalist 18 | KCM Environmental Services | #eBizEntrepreneur | Kevin Munsamy


Micropark, Durban
Cell: 081 476 2296
Email: [email protected]

Kevin Munsamy established KCM Environmental Services in 2015, an environmental monitoring consultancy that helps companies comply with South African environmental regulations.

The business specialises in emissions testing, water quality (Legionella) monitoring, environmental noise testing and soil pollution. Field teams conduct site investigations, sampling and analysis, monitoring and interpretation.
With the established United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 and the carbon tax coming into effect shortly, Kevin saw the need for an independent auditing constancy.

We are here to help corporations comply because no matter how big or small they are; they have an impact on the environment.”

KCM Environmental Services has a Level 1 B-BBEE status and has offices in Pretoria and Durban, but have a national reach.
Kevin currently employs five people and plans to employ up to 35 by 2020 – through the establishment of 10 field teams and a South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) laboratory.

To help develop the business, Kevin has set a series of goals which include:

Short term, to establish the SANAS laboratory, which will enable him to employ more people.
Long term, Kevin would like to expand operations into Africa – more specifically countries with extensive mineral deposits such as Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

As a SAB KickStart Boost finalist, Kevin appreciates the business training received to date, which is helping him align their way of thinking to the growth and sustainability of the business. Post the programme, he would like access to market to foster working relationships with other corporates.

BizEntrepreneur-on-BizRadio-600x250Kevin Munsamy in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nic von Stein

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  • Inspiration: Paresh Laka, my business coach. He runs a small company called SMME Diagnostics, which assists small businesses to grow and develop. He has provided insight into some great marketing strategies, things at the time, I would never have come up with, myself.
  • What drives you and motivates you as an entrepreneur? The challenges that every day brings, is what drives me.
  • Advice to fellow entrepreneurs: Some big take outs for those who are about to embark on the entrepreneurial journey:
  1. Do not start a business if you are not going to give it 100%. There will be many long days and days when you feel like it is not working but if you are strong minded and up for the challenge, you will see it through.
  2. You need to believe in yourself and believe it will work.
  3. Get into something you are passionate about because when doors are closed on your, at least you are doing something you love – which makes it worthwhile in the end.
  4. Run your own race, do not compare yourself to other businesses (unless they are motivating you to do better).
  5. You cannot leave footprints in the sand of time, if you are sitting down… and who wants to leave sitting down prints in the sand of time?
  • Something from your entrepreneur journey: The journey has been difficult and challenging but it has been inspiring at the same time. When I started the business, I was in debt because no institution was prepared to loan the capital. I also had no prior knowledge of running a business and no business training. The first year was the most difficult because not many companies wanted to do work with new business and I also did not have any equipment to conduct the work, so initially it was outsourced. That said, I have learnt a great deal and if given the choice, I would do the same thing again if I went back in time.
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