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Nicole Sithole established Frame Your World in 2011, a consulting company. In 2015, she founded Organic Deli Fresh Pasta – a trading company under Frame Your World – that creates and offers a range of organic and preservative free pasta.

As the name suggests, Organic Deli Fresh Pasta) offers consumers – those seeking a healthier lifestyle – a choice of freshly produced pasta, sauces and organic ingredients, at a lower price point.

The business has a Level 1 B-BBEE status with its 100% black-women ownership. Nicole currently employs three qualified permanent chefs and one junior temporary chef.

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To help develop the business, Nicole would like to complete a series of strategies and plans as her short term goals – these include:

  • Business plan – essentially a ‘road map’ for the business to operate against measurables of ongoing performance and improvement.
  • Sales strategy – to promote the brand through a sales drive.
  • Marketing plan – to attract new consumers to taste the product through trial and complement existing consumers obtained in the sales strategy – with the outcome of securing long term consumers.

Long term, she would like to relocate her operations to a new location within a desired proximity to her base clients. In addition, Nicole would like to build brand awareness through targeted marketing and disciplined customer service, all the while leveraging the experience and skillset of the advisory board.

As a SAB KickStart Boost finalist, Nicole is taking what she has learnt in the programme to promptly make progress on her short term goals.


  • Inspiration: Brian Ngiba, a qualified accountant and lecturer at the Durban University of Technology. He too is an inspiring entrepreneur so I can completely relate to him. He has a flair for helping youth owned businesses with mentorship and guidance.
  • What drives you and motivates you as an entrepreneur? I am driven by knowing that I can change my own situation as well as the next person – being those I employ – through my ideas.
  • Advice to fellow entrepreneurs: Anyone can wish to do something or better themselves, but it is a true entrepreneur that actions it. One thing the entrepreneurial journey teaches you, you won’t get there unless you develop a thick skin.
  • Something from your entrepreneur journey: An entrepreneurs journey is a lonely one and I have found that complaining does not change anything – rather my actions, have led to my success. I have always loved food – and more specifically healthy food – so in 2016, I completed a Culinary Art & Food Preparation course at the Umhalanga Durban Culinary School. While I was studying, I did research into the organic food industry and realised there was gap in the market. I invested into an organic herb business and supplied small restaurants and food suppliers with micro herbs. This venture opened up the door to Organic Deli Fresh Pasta.

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