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The eMarketer Retail Roundup unpacked!  A retail roundup  that covers the key drivers and upcoming trends in the world of tech-enabled retail, with key focus on the USA, which we all know has a very high percentage of online retail shoppers.chango

The eMarketer Retail Roundup was compiled by Rubicon Project and Chango, two leading technology companies that provide automated buying and selling of advertising, with specific competency in the world of retail and e-commerce.rubicon

These two incredible businesses joined forces recently to bring a best in class programmatic platform to the market, that on the back of extensive data analytics and understanding, connects marketers with their exact target audience in real time across display, social, mobile and video.

To quote Rubicon Project’s website “The company’s pioneering technology created a new model for the advertising industry – similar to what NASDAQ did for stock trading.”

Craig Page Lee

Craig Page Lee – Posterscope SA

The Retail Roundup covers 8 key points, of which I’m going to focus on the first four for this edition and the remaining four in the next edition of this podcast series.

The 8 key points, or themes are noted as follows:

  1. Retailers account for 25% of Programmatic spend
  2. Omnichannel remains Omnipresent for Department stores
  3. Why mobile shopping remains an Upper-Funnel affair
  4. Does programmatic work for Branding?
  5. Apparel Retailers and Ecommerce: Direct Markets dominate
  6. In-store personalized digital display pushes purchases
  7. Buy Online, pick up in-store Model financially beneficial for retailers
  8. Digital, social media to play Big role in back-to-school business




Craig Page-Lee in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick Snow
Podcast | Click HERE to listen








Craig Page-Lee in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick SNow
Podcast | Click HERE to listen




Craig Page-Lee is the MD of Posterscope – SA’s leading Out Of Home specialists. He is passionate about retail and has a background in design and architecture and one day dreams of heading off on a world adventure on his motor-cycle.



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