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Location! location! location! Despite the era of the internet, many business still need to be in a location that suits their business needs… A manufacturing plant has no place in a city center, but out on the periphary of a city (where land is cheaper), one will often find sprawling industrial complexes…
At the same time ”hubs” exist where certain sectors of the economy congregate in a geographical location (Silicon Valley outside San Fransisco is a clear example).

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So the question remains, is your SME in the right location to fully optimise not only your clients but also the mechanisms of your business….?
In todays Podcast, Banele discusses with the eBizRadio the considerations one must take when relocating your business.

  • Time Factor: How long will it take your company to move, how will this affect your sales for the time of the movement?
  • Money: How much will it take to move your company, is it economically viable?
  • Reasons for moving: You need to have a clear set of reasons that can be justified either by increasing sales or improving productivity/costs
  • What are the Pro’s/Con’s of your current location vs. your new location.
  • Planning and Preparation: Well organized moves lessen the time that your business is ”down”.



Banele Rewo in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick Snow
Podcast | Click HERE to listen


Banele Rewo is Creative (re)Director of Authentic Creatives. A creative strategy, outdoor media and product placement company specialising in the urban African market. Banele joins us once a week for #eBizEntrepreneur.



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