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Qualcom may be one of the most important companies on earth that most people haven’t heard about…..

Qualcom manufacture a key component in electronics, specifically microchips and microprocessors for Smartphones; in the last decade, over 15 BILLION chips have been manufactured, close to 66% for smartphones. Qualcom has also enabled the proliferation of smartphones for lower income groups and was a vital part in the design of the recently released MTN Steppa, marketed at R499, enabling poorer people in Africa to take those steps up the economic ladder!

On Todays show, Arthur and Nic discuss the new QRD programme run by Qualcom:

It takes device manufacturers, hardware component vendors and software developers to create a great consumer device, and the QRD program is designed with this community in mind – helping to expand the commercial potential for many.

The QRD Preferred Vendor program connects software developers with device manufacturers and provides hardware component vendors with a path to tap into the high-volume demand for quality, cost effective components. For device manufacturers, QRD includes the tools and resources to quickly and cost effectively commercialize a device: including access to providers of third party software applications and hardware components which have been tested against various QRDs and deliver the features and capabilities designed to appeal to today’s demanding consumers….

Arthur Godlstuck in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick Snow
Podcast | Click HERE to listen


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