Protecting your creative ideas | #CreativeBiz with Banele Rewo | @Baniroquai


Creativity and innovation is the lifeblood of entrepreneurship. Protecting ones ideas enables an edge over corporations. One of the main problems when starting a new business is obtaining new clients, but the truth is that if your idea/model is creative/innovative enough the clients will come to you as opposed to you looking for them.

Trademarking an idea as a trade secret will protect your intellectual property but hinders innovation of the idea. A better prospect is to copyright your idea; this enable legal protection but also allows an open discussion of your creation.

Another way to protect oneself is to make recordings/notes of any/all conversations you have, these can be referred to at a later date if needed.

Finally a relationship of trust should exist between yourself and your clients; this allows for the sharing of the solutions you have for your clients business needs whilst also ensuring your intellectual property is protected.

Banele Rewo in conversation with BizRadio’s Grant Jansen

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