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Dion-Chang-Biz-Trends-Header-The latest move in hotels is, well, hotels that move. The pop-up idea isn’t new. In 1999 Vacant of Los Angeles, CA, pioneered the pop-up retail concept and since then we’ve been popping into pop-up stores, restaurants and lounges. Shouldn’t the bubble of pop-ups, which by definition are transient, have popped by now? Travelers are leaving the path of the usual accommodation offerings and are heading for the road less travelled. Pop-up hotels offer adventurous guests the opportunity to sleep in unique lodgings which include swanky shipping containers, stylish stationary boats and plush pods.

According to the latest report prepared by trend spotting analysts at Hotels.com, experiential travel will be a priority for globetrotters this year. As the demand for trendy travel increases, pop-up hotels offer quirky and eccentric spaces; persuasive reasons for the concept to continue. Another motivation is that as travel budgets decrease, pop-up hotels are an affordable option to permanent hotels in desirable locations.

The pop-up accommodation concept is not limited to hotels. Travelers are predicted to forego commercial cruise lines in favour of smaller river boat options that sail along less conventional waterways such as the Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam as well as the Danube River between Prague and Istanbul.

Dion Chang in conversation with BizRadio’s Grant Jansen
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