Police are “slack” but reading is great! | #PulseOfTheNation with Shirley Wakefield


Shirley-Wakefield-coverA week of insights and revelations into what the youth of SA are actually thinking, Pondering Panda’s Shirley Wakefield joins BizRadio’s Grant Jansen…

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The events over the past year have resulted in a veritable collapse in confidence in the police among young South Africans. Not only have we had Marikana, but also more recently, shocking evidence of police brutality, as in the case of Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia. Young people feel police are not doing their jobs properly, and they see police performance as getting worse – not better. We have recently seen the consequences of this perception in the incidences of vigilante justice that are increasingly in the headlines. If government wants to curb vigilantism and restore the faith of young people in the police, it needs to improve police discipline and training, and demonstrate that communities can safely turn to the police for help when faced with crime.”

On a positive note the high number of young people who are currently reading a book or who would like to read is very encouraging – it shows that there is a real thirst for books among young South Africans, in spite of the inroads that digital media is making. However, with almost half of respondents finding it difficult to find books they like, and more than a quarter without easy access to library services, there’s a lot more that needs to be done. Encouraging reading can have a massive impact on education in South Africa, and the government needs to support youth wholeheartedly in this regard. Two things it can do right now are expand the library system, and make books VAT-exempt, so that they become more affordable for young people.

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