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Claire Burge is described as part chaos, part rocket fuel. She is a senior member of the Get Organised team – and she decided to have an email free period as an experiment and see if she was able to conduct business and be more productive. She wanted to gain insight and answers to the following:

  1. Am I really spending my time as productively as I could?
  2. Am I doing the necessary things in business to grow my client base or am I stuck inside my inbox?

“As the conversation unfolded in my ‘no email experiment’ post, many people admitted to not being able to just drop email as it would result in business loss or employment loss. This is expected because we have become so reliant on email to conduct business. I wrote two follow up articles to take a deeper look at email and how it impacts us; Firstly, I explain that email is a form of communication and communication is a culture. If you want to change the way your business communicates, then you need to change the culture that surrounds that communication – (read more on this) – Secondly, perhaps a step in the right direction is to rather tame email than try to get rid of it completely. Here I offer 16 quick ways to reduce your email volume (read them here)” says Claire

Claire Burge in conversation on

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