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Our lives move at such a rapid pace, thanks to technology, that one could easily feel intimidated and even more so debilitated by your own ideas and goals, most things seem entirely possible – in your head, but turning an idea into  reality requires self-understanding, discipline and because time and energy become rare commodities, efficiency becomes more obvious.

So what is it about 4 letter words that are so deceiving? L.I.S.T; easy to spell, sure, but try saying it out loud and you’ll realise it’s almost as difficult as keeping the darn thing. But if you are keen to master this business productivity tool, here are some fundamentals to get you on the right track:

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1. One life – One list

No matter which list making tool you chose, provided you aren’t keeping it in your head, stick with the one that serves you best. This means, one App synced cross devises (I use Wunderlist), one notebook (I prefer the A5 left bound, lined type) or one program (many of our clients are hooked on Microsoft Outlook Tasks).

2. Prioritise your list based on revenue

Business productivity would be a breeze if we could tackle tasks by task in the order they arrived on our list. But hello, welcome to the real world … that is just not my reality. So instead of numbering your tasks as you note them down, rather review your list at the end of each day and number your to-do’s in order of value … if it brings in the cha-ching it’s rated as one.

3. Don’t check email first thing in the morning

If you are using your first hour of each day to dive into your email, you might want to have a rethink. We recommend that our clients reserve the first hour of each work day as a Power Hour – a time when energy levels are high. Instead of emails and meetings and social media fiddle faddle, focus on your high value tasks before diving into the quick, fast and easy or more reactive things that sap energy and eat into your time.



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