Podcast | #AegisTL #Digibate | Choosing the right agency


Podcast 1:

A global perspective on how to choose an agency – Nigel Morris CEO Aegis Media Americas & EMEA chats about what clients are looking for in an agency from a global stand point.

Podcast 2:

“Agencies DO NOT listen! They are often so stuck in the way they do things that all they can focus on is how THEY will do things, as opposed to listening to the client’s true business objectives and then strategically working out how they can assist the client in achieving these goals” – Tony Koenderman

  • What would lead a client to making the decision to change agencies?
  • How does the conversation start and what are the client’s current concerns around their current agency relationship?
  • Deal with the emotions, but make your decision based on business goals!

Podcast 3

From pitch to procurement! Is there a difference between putting out a pitch to creative vs. media agencies? And then once you get into the pitch room what are the game-changes?

Podcast 4

Before you get married ensure you have the discussion about the “marriage contract” and get the difficult issues out in plain site before you have the wedding ceremony!

Podcast 5:

Calling an agency out of the blue is like calling as estate agent – you get on their radar and then they don’t leave you alone – so what is the best way to approach an agency, other than the formal pitch route?

Podcast 6:

Agencies challenged by the media to open their doors so that the way in which they work can be seen and understood by all, thus making the decision to look at a new agency is  based upon true understanding of an agency process rather than speculation – challenge accepted by Aegis Media.

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