Pindex opening up ‘New Media’ Marketing avenues | #eBiz Marketing | Andre Prins


The current age of technology has opened up vast new marketing landscapes for companies; e-marketing is now vital across as many platforms as possible…

Many business searches and connections are made via the internet these days as well as the traditional networking social events. What has become common is a hybrid approach incorporating various forms of marketing and  networking activities designed to promote commerce.pindex

Pindex is a South African based website designed to help facilitate these connections in the easiest way possible. Today Nick Snow has a conversation with founder of Pindex about the business as well as the market as a whole.

ebizMarketingAndre Prince in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nic von Stein

Podcast | Click HERE to listen




How often do you ask yourself if the service you received or the product you just bought is really good enough? Yes or no, we want to know! When you conclude your dealings with a business, do you feel completely satisfied? Yes or no, we want to know!

The Pindex Quality Revolution is here! More and more businesses will choose to list with us purely “because quality matters”. More and more customers will visit Pindex and rate businesses on the quality of their Service, Product and Price, why, “because quality matters”.slider-text-opening

We offer a platform on which businesses get the most ridiculously affordable marketing around, where customers in any and every segment of the market can voice their concerns, compliments, jubilations, frustrations and any or all of the hundreds of emotions which could follow an interaction with a service provider.

Want to know more about us? Ask the person next to you if they’ve heard of “The Pindex Quality Revolution” and then come find a business to rate.

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