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Dr-Amelia-Richards-coverBizRadio chats to Dr. Amelia Richards about the upcoming PAMRO conference and its relevance to the African market and shares the  importance of this regular, robust and industry recognized Pan-African Audience Measurement and Media Research which cannot be under-estimated in both developing the media in Africa and the critical role the media plays in social and political development.

BizResearch-on-BizRadioDr Amelia Richards in conversation with BizRadio’s Grant Jansen
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International and continental investment in media, to foster the growth and development of media outlets and content – commercially (through advertising and sponsorship) or through investment in content and distribution – will quite simply not happen without high quality, independent and rigorous audience research data. This critical information is conspicuously lacking in Africa. In almost all countries audience measurement and media research data is either completely unavailable or available on very ad hoc and often, unsound, bases. In only about five African countries (i.e Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Ghana) is audience measurement data available on a consistent and regular basis. The unavailability of audience and media research in Africa is as a result of two main problems: Lack of understanding of the need and use of this data and the lack of financial resources required to invest in the collection and dissemination of such data.

 Vision – PAMRO’s vision is to obtain knowledge of the behaviour of inhabitants of Africa, in particular as far as media and product usage are concerned to allow us to make informed decisions about how to reach certain target markets and how to communicate with them.

 Mission – Our mission is to create a uniform research infrastructure in African countries to achieve our objectives below and to use the same measuring and target marketing methods so that results of different countries can be compared validly.

 Objectives – The objectives of PAMRO entail the creation of a forum for industry organisations, media research providers, media owners, marketers and advertising agencies in different African countries to exchange knowledge and to learn from one-another’s successes and failures, to ensure the highest quality and to harmonize our research methodologies so that we will eventually have a continental media research database. The latter will make Africa the leader in the world in providing a research database for the growing number of global media owners, marketers and agencies. We are including the Indian Ocean Islands into all our activities and under scribe the rules of market research bodies such as those of the World Organization for Research Professionals (ESOMAR).

Activities – PAMRO’s current main activities are its annual meeting and All Africa Media Research Conference. These events are rotated to different parts of the continent as part of our policy is to ‘bring PAMRO to the People’. We are working on instituting regional chapters that will attend to more regional matters and will also meet more frequently. PAMRO is more and more used as a reference point to obtain information about the availability of media research results in different African Countries, as well as for references where such information can be obtained from.

 Communication – PAMRO has an extensive mailing list on e-mail and also uses the list of the South African Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF®). We have started including e-mail address from PAMRO members of other countries. Our Website is growing in importance and the stream of enquires through the Website is growing.

 Administration – The South African Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF®) sponsors the administration of PAMRO and for any enquiries contact Fiona Lister at [email protected] for assistance.

This data is urgently required to provide media owners, advertisers, advertising agencies and organizations involved in developing media for social and political advancement with market and audience intelligence.

Contact details:

Fax to PAMRO at 0866 353 487 or 00 27 (11) 463 5010.
00 27 (11) 463 5340/1
Email :   [email protected]

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