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Unfortunately, many people – either due to ignorance or complacency  – do not think about the many people who are disabled in some way. These disabilities can be physical or mental, some are born this way, others through accident. What all these people have in common is a difficulty in getting involved in the economy:

Due to the overt and covert discrimination that exists, many struggle to find proper paying jobs as well as jobs that bypass their disability (or maybe even harness them in special cases).

Hannl Cronje - CEO, Orion Organisation

Hannl Cronje – CEO, Orion Organisation

Nick Snow of eBizRadio & Hannl Cronje chat in this Podcast about what her Organisation called Orion-Friendship is doing in Communities across the Western Cape of South Africa to help people with disabilities…
Often its just a caring shoulder, someone who will treat them with the respect that they would any other Human. Orion also has extensive Day care centres, post-School Training and many other activities and Projects geared toward helping the Disabled.

Founded in 1982, Orion Organisation is a model of hope to as many as 3000 disabled people who have passed through its doors since its inception. Orion has achieved great things, thanks to the support of partners, stakeholders, donors and volunteers. The organisation has received special recognition for outstanding service on several occasions.

Orion is a duly constituted Non-Profit Organisation and Section 21 company with Public Benefit status. The organisation is based in Atlantis, Western Cape, approximately 50km from the city of Cape Town. Atlantis is an industrial and residential area with a population of 180 000 people. Traditionally Atlantis is seen as a low income area, where a large proportion of the population consists of previously disadvantaged, unemployed South Africans.





Hannl Cronje of Orion in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick Snow

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