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FrontRow, the innovative video on demand service originated by MTN SA, has announced ground-breaking news that amidst the launch of ShowMax and talk of Netflix soon coming to South Africa, should certainly disrupt the local Entertainment market. As of August 2015, MTN has zero-rated the entire data usage for anyone streaming MTN Front Row, from an MTN sim, as an ongoing value offer. digital

What this means for any person who is currently on the MTN Network and subscribes to FrontRow is that they can watch all movies and TV series available, while incurring absolutely no data cost at all.

It’s no secret that high data costs are a major barrier for entry for consumers into the video on demand space and so not only does this offer enable a massive saving of data costs for MTN users, but even if you are with any other network, you can get an MTN sim and use it purely for your movie and TV viewing pleasure, with no data cost. With school holidays upon us and road trips planned around South Africa, getting your MTN sim means entertainment for the kids, streaming all the way, with no data costs incurred.

“This is an exceptional market first,” comments Stephen Watson, MD of Discover Digital, which runs the platform. “Something that not only enables a value-added experience among current FrontRow users, but now brings world class entertainment to a broader South African public; taking top TV shows and movies to South Africans, who previously were unable to experience premium content, now in an affordable way.” mtnfrontrow

Additionally, in its approach to give South Africans greater access to this entertainment service, MTN FrontRow has dropped its top subscription Club Price to R119 and is in the process of developing bespoke lite package options to ensure FrontRow lands in the hands of as many South Africans as possible.

“The implications for South African society, and popular culture in general, are extensive. After years of premium content sitting in the living rooms of a few, we can now start to ensure a more shared experience,” Watson concludes.

MTN FrontRow is not an MTN customer exclusive offering. FrontRow is available to any person on any network or with access to the internet from any service provider in South Africa. The added value of using FrontRow as an MTN subscriber, whether on contract or using a sim pay as you go, is the benefit of the free data offer.

The content game is always a playoff between quantity and quality but it is diverse premium content that makes up the MTN FrontRow service. FrontRow is currently the only service to have all six major Hollywood studios represented, including offering a Subscription option and Rent-As-You-Go option. discover-250x150

In addition to the Hollywood slate, FrontRow has recently acquired some of the best current British content from BBC Worldwide, Endemol and Fremantle, including titles such as The Honourable Women, Orphan Black and Sherlock (BBC Worldwide), cooking show, Jamies Kitchen (Fremantle) which is in the service from late October and Peaky Blinders (Endemol). Combined with compelling exclusive titles such as Black Sails, Power and Survivors Remorse, available 24 hours after the US, never before seen in South Africa titles such as Magic City and The Boss as well as over 2300 hours of premium content, including TV series such as The Office, Sherlock, 30 Rock and Mad Men, movies, music videos, kids shows and documentaries, FrontRow is one of the best on demand family entertainment offerings currently available in South Africa.
Behind the scenes:
MTN FrontRow is a premium entertainment Video On Demand service that brings you all the TV series and movies you love to watch, whenever you like, on the device of your choice, even if you’re not an MTN subscriber. For only R119 per month, sign up to MTN FrontRow Club and choose from thousands of movies and TV series to view instantly via the Internet browser on your computer, smartphone or tablet, or via our apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. Or rent pay-per-view from the MTN FrontRow Premiere selection of the latest blockbusters hot off the big screen. MTN’s extensive catalogue has everything from action, drama, comedy and romance to documentaries and many hours of wholesome entertainment for the kids. MTN subscribers (or anyone with an MTN SIM card) get free, unlimited data for streaming on both MTN FrontRow Club and MTN FrontRow Premiere.

Discover Digital is one of only a few digital media companies in the world to offer total end-to-end solutions for the delivery of digital video content through IPTV, OTT television services and Off-line kiosk delivery solutions across fixed line, mobile and unconnected/offline platforms. They pride themselves in not just providing technology solutions but delivering a full TVOD and SVOD service, including content licensing, content administration, content delivery, billing integration and licence settlements and reporting and in doing so, meet market requirements to deliver a world class service and stay ahead of ever developing technology curve. MTN FrontRow is a video on demand service fully managed by Discover Digital, in partnership with MTN.

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