Obsidian Systems’ end-to-end coverage of Open Source Week 2019


Leading South African open-source firm and provider of OS technology and services Obsidian Systems has confirmed its Diamond Sponsorship of the acclaimed and much-anticipated Open Source Week, managed by the organisers of PyConZA, LinuxConfZA and PostgresConfZA tracks.

Open Source Week runs from 7 – 11 October 2019 at The Wanderers Club in Johannesburg.

7th October | LinuxConf

8th October | PostgresConf

9th-11th October | PyConZA

This is the second Open Source Week hosted in the South African city, the first took place on October 2018.

Last year’s Open Source Week, Obsidian Systems participated in LinuxConf 2018 “Obsidian has been on the Open Source Journey in South Africa since 1995 and celebrating 19 years of collaboration with Red Hat.”

As the world around us becomes smarter, from virtual assistants to everyday household appliances, Obsidian is working toward keeping the market a step ahead – ‘smarter’.

With key trends in collaboration, automation, cloud computing and data, Obsidian is using its past in Linux to build open solutions for the future.

The message from the company is that globally, businesses are moving towards a transparent, single touch integrated world and it is time to think beyond open-source code – and to think of open systems.

The value that open source is contributing to the key layers of technology solutions is prevalent says management at Obsidian.

“As Obsidian is expanding its offerings across the various layers of technology we have also seen an increase in the value of Open Source Week from infrastructure to the contribution of Python to the community. Python is powerful… and fast; plays well with others; runs everywhere; is friendly & easy to learn; is Open,” says Muggie van Staden, MD at Obsidian Systems.

“Partnering with Red Hat, Redis, Gitlab and Chef we are thrilled to be delivering various tutorials and deep dives into solutions for DevOps, automation and the power of abstract data structures,”

Open Source Week will feature industry-leading talk schedule, workshops and side-events.

Running parallel to the talks are side-events organised by Obsidian including a GitLab session, a DevOps How To with the Obsidian Team and Ansible Workshops with Red Hat.

On the 8th we have a half-day tutorial with RedisLabs covering An Overview of Redis Data Structures; handling JSON Data in Redis; Transactions and Pipelining; designing Robust and Reliable Redis Deployments; RediSearch, RedisGraph and RedisJSON module. All you need is a laptop with Python3, a text editor, and the Python Redis package installed. 

Join us on one of these days. 


Obsidian have expanded their knowledge base in partnership with subsidiaries Cape Town based Autumn Leaf and GuruHut, a software development house.The expansion of skills is now a formidable team with Java™ expertise aligning our Enterprise Open Source solution for retail, supporting technology and consulting services across enterprise-ready open source infrastructure, big data, collaboration and agile IT strategies for your business.

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