Feni is a young, successful woman who joined 21st Century as the Manager of niche projectsTwo years later, the hardworking lady has worked her way up to Executive Director.  Feni says that she remembers telling her mother reluctantly but with ambition that her aim was to become a manager by the age of 27 in whichever environment she would be working in, which she has exceeded.

“The next five years of my life and career are not only dedicated to my personal growth, but rather the growth in my contribution to the transformation and growth of South Africa and Africa as a whole”, Feni says, speaking on her new role.

Feni comes from a home of very powerful and strong-willed women.  Being the fourth of five opinionated, educated and influential sisters, her character developed from being passive and reserved, to being a fearless and assertive woman.

The influence that she got from her parents is the foundation on which her character was molded.  Having come from different journeys, her parents were both game-changers and strongly believed in the power of education.  Feni’s mother was a well-respected health professional and her father was a talented and passionate musician who founded the world renowned Soweto String Quartet.

“My parents have always said that my sisters and I could do anything that we put our minds to, so I have never limited myself as far as dreams are concerned.  This is now becoming evident from my own career journey”, she explains.

Getting to where I am now has not been easy but the advice that I can offer to young women out there would be:

  • ‘Know Thyself:   I was never going to get to where I am now had I not taken the time to know who I am, what I’m good at, what I want and what I need to do to get there.”


  • “Never lose the child in you:  This is the dreamer, the forgiver, the one who thrives, the fun-lover and the charm in you.”


  • “Put in the work:  It’s very important to get down and dirty in your craft.  This is the only recipe for building character.”


  • “Peace:  Take some time out in your mind and think things through before you act and be at peace with what is not in your control.


  • “You’re not an island:  Know that in whatever you do or want to do, there are people who can help you enhance and nurture that.


  • “There’s a popular line – Behind every successful man, there’s a successful woman:  In my experience, it has been the opposite.  I’ve had the backing of a very supportive and present father, and a husband who keeps me grounded and holds me accountable to my goals.”


  • “Pay it forward:  Giving back is not an automatic stance in a world that teaches us to be the best individual possible.  The more you give back, the more your network will grow.  The people you help today will one day become your greatest tools and influences.”

About 21st Century

21st Century is one of the largest full-spectrum specialist Remuneration and Reward consultancies in Africa, with national and international capability. We have more than 60 skilled employees, and service over 1700 clients, including Government, Parastatals and two thirds of the companies on the JSE. We place a large emphasis on sustainable remuneration, transformation and social upliftment, and are focused on your organisation’s strategy at all times… assisting you to achieve your business objectives, drive your company’s performance, engage and retain your staff and comply with legislation.


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