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NetDynamix, Africa’s leading technology service provider specializing in the radio industry in Sub-Saharan Africa is proudly associated with Biz Radio and the launching of T’s & C’s Apply with Tony Koenderman and Craig Page-Lee – a no holds barred series of thought provoking and challenging conversations – filling a gap in the marketing space that is free to all with no T’s & C’s applied.

The creation of key conversation capital that is available to anyone who is interested in the fast moving marketing space in Africa – from local to global – Ts & Cs Apply is the meeting ground of minds and insight sharing through the downloading of audio podcasts that are meant to be shared with your colleagues, competitors and working community – from the boardroom to the classroom.

NetDynamix has been providing BizRadio with their streaming and back-end services since their inception two years ago as Africa’s only dedicated audio-stream business platform that has both live and podcast elopements.

Chris Grant, founder and CEO of NetDynamix says, “I have loved the concept of Biz Radio since its inception and understood and totally supported their drive to share insights and information at no cost with anyone in the African media and marketing space. By sharing information and insights we are all able to participate and help develop and grow the business and skill sector across this consentient. A continent that still has many issues and often young people do not always have the finances to further their education but they have access to the internet via their mobile phones and Biz Radio identified this and was always determined to share information with these young people across the continent. They wanted to build and continually grow their portal making access free to all who were interested. This for me was a platform that I wanted to be involved with and support and will continue to do so for as long as they are happy with our involvement.  NetDynamix-125

“NetDynamix just got us. They understood what we wanted to achieve and were always there with the right solution to make sure we were able to do what we needed, when we needed it” says Ingrid von Stein, CEO Biz Radio.

We launched T’s & C’s Apply a short while ago and are staggered at the response we have received from the continents marketing and media sectors. They found the format and conversation topics so relevant and shared the link within their own networks. Which at the end of the day was exactly what we wanted – sharing of information and insights, and having NetDynamix as our partner made it all possible.



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