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Entrepreneurs are used to the highs and lows of their profession: Many times your star idea/concept will be rejected, but sometimes you can strike gold and find a willing partner who has the same vision as you do….

Even then its possible to share the same ideals, but you still cannot close a deal. Today eBizRadio and Banele Rewo discuss certain ways that can help you turn a ”No” into a ”Yes”.


  • Human Touch: Do not sound like a robot, passion and energy are vital but at the same time remaining professional is important as well.
  • Be willing to walk away: Negotiations between relevant parties need to be fair or resentment can grow in a partner, be flexible when making deals, but also know where your ”lines in the sand are” and be willing to walk away if necessary.
  • Work with people who can adapt toy your idea and enahance it, not the ones who want to change the idea to such a extent that it stops being yours…
  • What can you/what cant you negotiate? Connected to the above points, but still just as vital.



Banele Rewo in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick Snow
Podcast | Click HERE to listen


Banele Rewo is Creative (re)Director of Authentic Creatives. A creative strategy, outdoor media and product placement company specialising in the urban African market. Banele joins us once a week for #eBizEntrepreneur.



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