Woman make up more than  51% of the population. We  are entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO’s, pioneers and innovators and contribute hugely to the economic growth of society AND  we are mothers.  eBizradio.com is proudly associated and a member of MommyMallSA and together we have created a dedicated platform for MOMPRENEURS – a place of caring and sharing, a place to highlight our businesses and to share our insights with everyone – not just women. The more we share our insights, key learnings and business journeys the better  younger entrepreneurs are upskilled and supported in their business ventures.  

In this section we will feature Mompreneurs and their businesses. We encourage you to share as much as possible (don’t worry guys – you too can learn from us – collectively we are what keeps the economic growth and development of countries alive. We create employment. We teach and share our skills. We find other businesses to collaborate with and in many cases enter amazing joint ventures together.

Is there a way in the back end that if we add and then select a MOMPRENEUR story  it automatically shows as a featured piece on the home page but also goes in the Mompreneur tab section?

Mompreneurs – as one myself, I encourage you to be part of the MommyMallSA group. Here’s a little bit more about them:

From humble beginnings with only 300 members in Cape Town, Mommy Mall SA has grown and now celebrates trade and shopping activity among 80 000+ members in 18 online Mommy Mall branches nationwide. The concept is operated from this website and moms use the Facebook “Mommy Mall" groups as a trade space to advertise and shop. 

Who are our “Mommy Mallers”?

Mommy Mall mompreneurs are on average between the ages of 25 and 44 – indicating that Mommy Mall is used and supported by mothers of all ages and life stages.

During the early months of its existence, Mommy Mall brought more business, more friends, more inspiration and a place of belonging to all mothers of South Africa. Many confess that Mommy Mall has allowed them to learn new business skills from others daily.

Moms in business were now receiving more website hits and Facebook page likes than ever before, and Mommy Mall made a great proportion of mom-owned businesses fly!

Mommy Mall members  enjoy the following benefits: 

1) Advertise thrice a week on your local trade page on Facebook

2) Get Facebook page likes (remember to give!) & see your Facebook following grow

3) Get post likes (remember to give!)

4) Run competitions

5) Enter competitions

6) Make friends

7) Be inspired daily

8) Build a client base

9) Build a supplier list

10) Open opportunities for joint ventures

11) Build your business

12) Learn more about business & FLOURISH!!

And all of the above is FREE to our directory subscribed members. 

To sign up go to www.mommymallsa.co.za/join