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“With South Africa and the world celebrating the Nelson Mandela Centenary on his birthday, it was worth thinking about how his name and image are used.

“It is true that both have been abused, and in many instances, become too commercialised but it is also true that done with respect, it can pay tribute to the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

“We believe that his name should be respected and only associated with excellence and used with integrity. In order to ensure freshness around the Mandela name and image, it needs to tie back to who he was as an iconic leader and what he stood for in South Africa and the world.

Albert Engelbrecht in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick von Stein
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“Just like Madiba’s favourite, colourful and intricately patterned shirts, good design is tailor-made. In the same way, we crafted the 100-year logo for the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth specifically to celebrate his mentorship and wisdom, which will continue to guide in future as we try and change the world… for the better.

“Mandela’s shirts represented the diverse cultures of Africa and because of the meaning behind them, continue to resonate and stay relevant after his death. Good design, which is genuine and holds value, stands the test of time.

“Good design lives to tell the tale. These are the kind of designs we create at our studio. This also relates to how the 100-year centenary logo encapsulates the story and legacy of Nelson Mandela. Not only does the logo emulate the numbers ‘100’ and ‘18’, the 18, which is representative of the Nelson Mandela’s date of birth.

“His legacy is infinite therefore the zeros in the ‘100’ also resemble an infinity symbol. Nelson Mandela’s values and qualities continue to lead many individuals. Having the infinity element incorporated into the logo signifies a continual move towards a sustainable future and his continued vision to change the world.”


Albert Engelbrecht is CEO of Creative Caterpillar, a design agency that recently overhauled the entire corporate identity of the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth.

We know that through good design, we can create change.

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Phone: +27 21 851 0606

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