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Technology has forced traditional business models within industries to change radically, but now, how a company is structured is being reassessed. Today’s business challenge is no longer “small versus big”, but rather “fast versus slow”. Spanish fashion retailer Zara revolutionized the clothing retail industry by competing on speed to market rather than on lowest manufacturing cost, the standard industry focus. In our always-on, high-tech world, the lure of the new supersedes price concerns. The problem is that bloated and hierarchal management structures are not conducive to competitive business in a digital era. For maximum agility and flexibility, a CEO should no longer strive to be ‘king of the castle’ but rather the ‘centre of the circle’, and run the business with the zeal of an entrepreneur and passion of a start-up.

In South Africa there is an additional layer to this trend: call it, the “Marikana effect”. Large corporations are starting to feel the negative effects of unionized labour, shareholder demands and cumbersome administration channels. Breaking a large corporation into two or three smaller companies offers flexibility as well as the option to fly under the radar, with a lot more autonomy. The unbundling of Goldfields could be seen as part of this trend. In 2013 a smaller boutique mindset becomes best practice for big business.

Dion Chang in conversation with BizRadio’s Grant Jansen

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 Written and researched by Dion Chang and Amanda Ballen


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