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Testimonials from attendees at the newly launched AfroProtocol (The African Institute of Protocol) reflect the valuable skills acquired to create greater leaders in Africa who are competent and confident in their newly acquired strength and powers of persuasion to shine on a global scale.

These vital skills ensure that these leaders know what to say, what to do and how to conduct themselves so as to have the desired impact through their interaction in the international

Obviously this knowledge through training, provides leaders with the confidence, the presence and the poise to create a professional impression with everyone they come into contact with.

The general consensus of most AfroProtocol clients is the fact that many of our leaders have the strong intellect to propel them into powerful positions; however, their behaviour needs the polish to complement international protocol levels. People expect their leaders to conform to international protocol expectations to ensure such leaders create the desired impression as they represent their company, country or organization.

With the world focus on Africa – and always southern Africa, the company is assisting politicians, diplomats, CEOs and management in becoming fluent in the language of international protocol.

Etiquette insights being shared

Etiquette insights being shared

With the often immensely embarrassing lapses in protocol by leaders attending international events abroad, and the even more embarrassing speed with which such faux pas appear on the internet as well as in the media, AfroProtocol was launched with the specific function ofeducating our representatives from Africa to keep their countries’ flags flying high and forging forth in their endeavours to form strong and successful trade and diplomatic relations across the world – with confidence and panache. This is no longer a bucket list skill but a prerequisite to success.

Says Courtenay Carey, CEO of The School of Etiquette and founder of the newly launched AfroProtocol: “Our mission is to educate our African leaders on the correct protocoland leadership skills to ensure they are au fait with international business and diplomaticprotocol, thereby ensuring their flourishing internationally.

“This new initiative has resulted in excellent feedback from attendees, advising us of their new-found confidence in mastering the art of international protocol. This indeed is what we were aiming for, and these positive post-course reports are most encouraging.”

Courtenay Carey

Courtenay Carey


I Mukwasa’s post-Afroprotocol attendance testimonial reads as follows: “I immediately implemented my social skills on the plane and for the first time I talked to the person sitting next to me for the duration of flight and it was easier to converse on family, movies and fine dining. I arrived at 22:00pm, and at 8:00am the next day I was doing a function in which we had 2000 guests. In Attendance we had a former Vice President and excellencies from different embassies. I sat 30 signatories at the table using the French seating format and it was easy. As director of proceedings, I practiced making an entrance and correct standing posture while I watched everyone, and I couldn’t help but notice that, if they had been to your course, they wouldn’t have made so many mistakes at the table. Your school is simply the best in preparing us for world impact. Already opportunities keep opening. May God bless you and all the staff.”


AfroProtocol comprises:

Ø  Presidential Course

Ø  International Cultural Briefings

Ø  Truly Human Leadership

Ø  International Business Etiquette

Ø  Entertaining and Dining

Ø  Executive’s Finishing School

Ø  Customised Courses and Modules

Ø  How to be Successful


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Contact AfroProtocol – The African Institute of Protocol:

phone: +27 11 326 0771; [email protected]m;;

Facebook: AfroProtocol; Twitter: @afroprotocol1

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