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We have a 2 for 1 tooday, with two guests joining us for a discussion on computer infrastructure, namely the use of Kubernetes…..

We have spoken to Karl before as he has shared his insights on the open source community, but today we are delighted to have Chris Urwin of Rancher join us as well to discuss how these UK and RSA companies are co-operating.

About Obsidian:
Obsidian Systems, along with its subsidiaries GuruHut, Autumn Leaf, and RadixTrie, is an established supplier of enterprise-ready open source software solutions. They focus on providing the South African market with vendor-certified products; local expertise to provide consulting, development, and support; and vendor-certified training.

They help teams to get their code to the best compute and the correct data.

E-mail Address- [email protected]

Rancher has quickly become the #1 choice for enterprises looking to run containers and Kubernetes in production. It’s the only product that enables you to deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service across any infrastructure.

The Rancher leadership team brings together years of experience from leading startups and enterprise companies including Sun, GoDaddy, OpenWave and Seven Networks. Rancher’s founders previously launched Cloud.com which was acquired by Citrix in 2011.

For more info, go to: https://rancher.com/

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