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Living well isn’t just the past-time of conservationists, vegetarians and fitness enthusiasts. It’s gone mainstream where wheatgrass shots may soon be the new vodka and carbs have become a swear word. So, what’s driving us to become so healthy?

“Modern living and poor food choices are just a few reasons,” says Gary Novitzkas, CEO and founder of the recently launched juniva.com, a specialist health, wellness and fitness e-tailer.

“Health is the new wealth. People have swapped consumerism for caring more about the environment, their wellbeing and their health. We want to live optimally by exercising, eating well and supplementing our diets. The explosion of mass participation sporting events, health clubs and fitness and nutrition cultures have also made these goals more achievable.”


Enter Juniva. The country’s first e-tailer whose goal is to make you a healthier, better version of yourself. “We believe that combining education, motivation, exercise and convenience changes the way you view fitness and health, and enhances your quality of life,” Novitzkas comments.

“With so many nutrition choices around, we give our shoppers peace of mind that what they buy meets the quality, safety and efficacy guidelines as set out by the Medical Control Council and other industry bodies. We choose each product in consultation with our nutrition and sports experts, and not only include manufacture information but also simplified explanations as it’s important that shoppers know what they are buying and why,” says Novitzkas.


Juniva also understands that one of the major setbacks to maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the help of supplements is ensuring that you never run out – which, before now, was not that easy to overcome without the hassle of shopping malls and long queues. “Knowing this, we’ve developed the ‘Repeat & Save’ subscription service, which allows you to repeat your order either quarterly or every month. This ensures your products are conveniently delivered to your door as frequently as you require,” he explains.

Novitzkas concludes by saying, “We make our customers’ lives a little easier by offering a quality selection of over 1 500 curated vitamin, sports nutrition and weight-loss products, fast delivery, incredible customer service, plus an enjoyable and easy-to-navigate shopping experience.”

For more information visit www.juniva.com.


About Juniva:

Juniva is South Africa’s go-to health, wellness and fitness e-tailer. It offers moms, fitness enthusiasts as well as athletes, a selection of premium vitamin, supplement and weight-management products to browse and buy online. Available as once-off or repeat purchases, Juniva’s over 1 500 products are recommended in consultation with health and wellness experts to assure customers of their quality and efficacy. Juniva is the brainchild of Gary Novitzkas, previous CEO of kalahari.com and an avid endurance athlete



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