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The time now is to collaborate. It’s no longer about profit – it’s all about People and Survival of business from; Micro to Corporate and navigating the way forward together.

For my team and I at we have always placed people first. We all want and need key insights into business. We have always offered our platform to the business world for free. You can stream 24/7 or download any of our thousands of podcasts – all we ask is that you share.  As a team, the eBizradio staff have always worked remotely and digitally, so for us nothing has changed. But everything around us has changed and how do we embrace these changes together?

For companies out there who which to sponsor any slots or promotions we are open to chatting to you as 3 collectively online business stations. Let’s do this together and in a few months look back and think – we did this together!

Since 20 March 2020 we have seen an unprecedented rise is our daily unique IP addresses streaming and remaining connected for over 40 minutes.  Our podcast downloads have gone from about 6 gigs a day to 59 gigs (the average podcast is 20megs). We are all looking for information about navigating our micro to corporate business through this uncharted water.

We all want and need human connection – we want to know and hear from others facing the same struggles we are that are sharing what they have learnt. We want to know we are not alone.

We will launch our ONLINE RADIO COLLABORATION this Thursday, 2 April 2020, with 2 of the other big online business stations in SA/Africa and collaboratively we will be sharing as much useful content as we can. All we ask is that you share it with your networks.

L to R Arthur Goldstuck, Dion Chang, Sylvia Walker, Mike Abel

We are all in this together and unless we work collectively, we are all going to struggle.

We are so honoured to be able to announce that key weekly contributors will continue – in fact they will escalate their conversations with us so that we can share across all the collaborative stations platforms.

·        Arthur Goldstuck will be sharing all the useful Technology out there to help you navigate remote working

·        Dion Chang will keep us all abreast of the Trends from around the globe and Africa that is changing the way in which few do things

·        Our new, but by no means unknown industry Thought Leader – Mike Abel who will share insights and creative ideas to the marketing/advertising/branding sectors on using the time and space to be creative and innovate new ways of working and communicating between Brands and their audiences.

·        Sylvia Walker will bring it closer to home and keep us informed about Money Matters and how as families, individuals and businesses we can navigate these turbulent financial times.

We will also ensure that we are releasing insights and conversations covering issues like Parenting whilst working at home; Caring for your emotional well-being; Exercise in a time of quarantine – in fact anything that falls into the realm of The world of business and the business of the world.

 Content[email protected]  / Sponsorships/Advertising across 3 stations[email protected]

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