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Not so long ago, you could only buy items from your area of living, some goods from other destinations were available, but they were expenses of the wealthy and privileged, far removed from ‘’Average Joe’s’’ life….

Fast forward to today, and the situation has changed completely; Globalization and the emergence of a true global Economy coupled with technological advancements in storage, distribution and management have meant that goods  (and services) from across the planet are available anytime, anywhere….. And if what’s needed isn’t available, it’s a phone call or a click away from being just a few days at your doorstep.

This means that competition for customers in all realms of the economy both locally and internationally have scaled immensely; especially since the 1950’s as technological improvements rocketed forwards.

Justin Hartman, Group Managing Director - iProspect, SA

Justin Hartman, Group Managing Director – iProspect, SA

Today this process is even more accelerated due to the Internet; Not only are consumers more conscious and picky about their purchasing power, but they can source what they need; with just a few clicks, consumers can side-line all marketing adverts, sponsorships and campaigns.

This means that brands need to know who their customers are, but also what it means to be a ‘’consumer’’ of said brand.

In essence the brand must have a connection with the consumer if profits are to be maximised whilst also fulfilling the needs of the customer at the same time, it is no longer just about the business profit in the 21st century.

Business’s need a Brand Manager to help them get across their message to consumers but at the same time provide feedback from customers as well building a relationship between the two parties to facilitate a dialogue that fulfils both the desires of the customer and the profits of the business.

IProspect was recently named the #1 Global Digital Performance Agency, but what does this mean, what does iProspect do?

In essence iProspect aims to provide digital performance for brands in an increasingly  ‘’Internetised’’ Age.

We do this via engagement with consumers online, providing not only data but especially the skills and expertise in the interpretation of that data factored around established trends in the market place. A lot of interaction on social media and monitoring of social media is done to achieve this.

The criteria under which we were judged were extensive and scorecards were collected from executives and major players across the global advertising/marketing industry from major financial centres such as New York (USA), London (UK), Beijing (China), Tokyo (Japan) amongst many others.
Agencies were rated according to the following broad criteria (with many scores/ratings within each topic):

  • Customer Engagement
  • Consulting level
  • Technology (use)/Production methods/ Plan execution
  • Search Innovation

Once the results were tabled, iProspect was number one, a fact we are extremely proud of.

Outpacing competitors

We are not just a company operating in isolation; we are part of Dentsu Aegis Network and this gives us access too many other forms of data as well as the expertise to harness insights from.

This multi- faceted approach, provided by our own work as well as of the other Dentsu Aegis Network brands of Posterscope, isobar, Vizeum and CARAT, means we have a multi angular approach to take to the market place.

In a world where convergence and interconnectivity is more and more common, we feel this is our greatest strength.

At iProspect we always find a solution and are always improving relations between businesses and their consumers. We continually innovate ways to connect to consumers and have our finger on their pulses so we know what they are wanting and needing from brands.

click here to view some of iProspect’s work.

Customers don’t think about channels – just what matters to them, at that moment. Our digital services work together, helping you stay in step with your audience at every touchpoint.




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