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Entrepreneur Nadine Hardy Petzer is the Managing Director of Nutriseed and is defined as a considerate disrupter who likes to challenge conventions.
She is a high energy individual and has good instincts; easily spotting gaps in the market.
Her desire to eat delicious food, that’s equally nourishing and healthy, without the hassle of exhaustive preparation, was an aspiration she could never satisfy.about-us-Nadine-Hardy-Petzer

So she opted to solve the dilemma herself. Choosing to develop her own food – she began experimenting, creating, and exploring.
Little was she to know that this decision was to be the start of her new career and what morphed NutriSeed into the business it is today.
A company producing high quality snacks, baking products and cereals, rich in nutrients, protein, and low in carbs.

Never one to force her aspirations for healthy living upon those around her – she believes in a more subtle approach that’s all about suggestion and the promise of delicious alternatives.
Nadine is behind all product and recipe development at the company and she is an intuitive serial innovator who is dedicated to excellence and has an uncompromising commitment to quality.

She leads from the front and when discussing her approach to business, she affirms that a strong faith and her belief in the brand have helped shape the organisation and these are the intrinsic drivers of her personal and business success. Passionate, dedicated and driven by her desire to create; she is a visionary who is not afraid to execute her ideas.

BizWires-on-BizRadio-600x250Nadine Petzer in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick von Stein
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Leaving a high paying job in sales to follow her dream, Nadine is a purist and a perfectionist who has found real fulfilment in her position. She is fearless and a risk taker. Her can-do attitude and uncompromising commitment to excellence has filtered through to her team and this ethos underpins the Nutriseed approach to doing business.
Outside the kitchen where she likes to play, she successfully juggles life as a mom to her son Ethan. Her creativity is further expressed though dance.




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