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Many businesses had to close their doors or re-invent the business in recent weeks. We chatted to Naomi Butow, Founder of MommyMallSA and she shares what is key to focus on when choosing a name of your business and why it is so important.

Don’t name your business now The Lock-Down, as right now this may be catchy and topical, but what happens when this global lock-down passes? You need to ensure that the name you choose for your business is relevant and says exactly what you do? Two decades ago, it was fashionable to name the business after yourself, consider this – what may happen in the future if you sell the business?

Naomi Bütow – Mompreneur & Founder of MommyMallSA

Its a simple process that many don’t give enough thought to when coming up with the name for their business. There are two simple steps;

Naming your business – When you name your business create a brand and a name that is clear about what it is that you do.

Your slogan – is a very short description of what you do

If you wish to know more about opening a business in these tough time please review our Entrepreneur or Mompreneur podcasts (you can find these at the top of the page under podcasts).

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