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As part of the initiative a lucky draw competition was run among the agencies, where two prizes were up for grabs, namely a free Spectrum pop-up channel and a 50% discount of a Spectrum channel, both valid for three months.

To date this roadshow has been a resounding success as agencies are eager to hear of the successful integration of Spectrum across 73 Caxton-owned local news websites. The agencies visited were: Mediacom, Mediaology, Dentus Aegis, Phd and Publicis Group.

Spectrum seeks to create a fair value ecosystem for local content producers. To this end the platform aims to provide relevant content to connected individuals, on a hyper local level; ensuring that South African advertising spend stays within our borders and funds locally produced programming and journalism.

Speaking to the value of local content Amber Valentine (Biddable Specialist, MediaCom) noted, “I would probably trust somebody more from a local blog just because they have similar experiences to me”

Spectrum’s stats already prove that the demand for local video is abundant. Between its launch in December 2018 and January 2020, the platform has seen over 9.7 million plays, almost 2.5 million unique browsers, and enjoys an outstanding average dwell time of 3 minutes and 48 seconds. 

Another key differential noted by the agencies is that South African consumers can now discover local content in a brand safe, contextualised and non-intrusive video environment. Brand and data safety are central to clients concerns and all content on Spectrum has been curated, and advertisers have power over the context in which their communications will appear.

Emphasizing the importance of brand safety to his clients Bryce Betha (Digital Campaign Manager, Publicis Media) asserted that, “The most beneficial thing about the product is that the client will be able to tell what content is around the adverts.”

Designed and built by local tech company Tysflo (Spectrum’s software development partner) the data compression technology used by the platform ensures a maximum data consumption rate of 1.2mb/s, 40% less than competitors. This ensures that a diverse range of viewers can access its HD channels and video-on-demand content in an exceptionally data-friendly way.

Discussing the significance of Spectrum and the value of a channel affords clients Hive Digital’s CRO, Parmeshan Moodliar said, “Spectrum represents a defining moment in video-on-demand platforms. We want agencies to be part of Spectrum’s revolution and experience the value of the brand safety and the sustainable reach that the platform can offer.”

Hive Digital Media wanted agencies to experience the platform first-hand, which was their motivation for running the lucky draw competition among the agencies that they visited. Phd and Mediaology were the proud winners of the Spectrum channel prizes.

Moodliar enthused about working with the winners, “It is going to be mutually inspiring working with the winning agencies as we discover the potential of developing local content for a local market.”

To be part of the Spectrum video revolution which offers effective brand awareness, brand safety and ensures that South African media in all parts of the value chain benefit equally, contact Hive Digital Media’s Team on [email protected]/+27 10 492 8391. 

For further insight visit our new website

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