Have you been Optimized yet? #ReachOptimisation | #GoogleBiz with @AndreWilkinson & @andrew_morgs | @iProspectSA


#GoogleBiz with Andre Wilkinson (@AndreWilkinson) and Andrew Morgan (@andrew_morgs) from iProspect (@iProspectSA)

This week we continued the conversation around #ReachOptimisation. There have been a new additions to Google Analytics called Universal analytics. Universal analytics will make adding tags to your website easier, eliminating the need to be able to code. This new addition will also allow you to track users across various devices which will help track consumers and campaign effectiveness across the various devices that they may use.

The main topic for this weeks chat was around conversion. Andrew is the head of conversion at iProspect and he gave us some great insight into conversion and how it forms part of #ReachOptimisation. Conversion is about focusing on getting people to take a certain action once they have landed on your site. In other words to convert them to consume, purchase, download or take a certain action on your site. Its doesn’t help to get people to your site unless you are able to get them to take a certain action or purchase on the site.

Andre and Andrew also gave some great tips and advice on how to approach conversion and optimise it.

Podcast | Click HERE to listen

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