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Dr-Amelia-Richards-coverEvery brand that comes into contact with consumers needs to have a position on the environment. If consumers believe in that position, the value of the brand – and the attraction to use it or buy it – goes up, the reverse also applies. – Global marketing insights from TGI

The Target Group Index (TGi) survey, the largest single source consumer brand and ­lifestyle survey in South Africa  is part of the Ask Afrika Group. The fieldwork among 15,000 adults (16 years and older) takes place between February and November each year, and represent 19,842,000 consumers. This symbiotic relationship creates ­opportunities for syndicated and customised market research ­compatibility and harmonisation.  TGi remains a rich source of data, not just in terms of brand and product usage but also on broader consumer trends like green living.

BizRadio’s Grant Jansen in conversation with Ask Afrika’s Client Services Director, Dr Amelia Richards.

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The TGi questionnaire caters for a battery of green living questions that enable brand owners to determine where consumers are in terms of attitudes but more importantly green living lifestyles.  In order to determine the perceptions of South African consumers with regards to ‘Green’ initiatives, six lifestyle statements were identified relating to environmental consciousness. These six lifestyle statements were then used to create what is known as the five Green Values segments.

Table 1: Lifestyle Statements used to create Green Values segments

There is too much concern with the environment
I would be prepared to pay more for environmentally friendly products
It is important that a company acts ethically
People have a duty to recycle
All packaging for products should be recycled/recyclable
I am worried about the pollution and congestion caused by cars

Figure 1: Green Values

Table 2: Green Values Definitions

Engaged Greens The most passionate green consumers, who will go out of their way to help tackle climate change and pay a premium for eco-friendly products.
Green Supporters Care about the environment and would like to adopt more sustainable habits, but won’t make big sacrifices in terms of price, comfort or convenience.
Neutral Greens Aware of environmental issues and will buy into green initiatives, but only if they offer functional benefits too.
Green Cynics Doubtful about the value of environmental initiatives and are unlikely to choose green alternatives.
Green Rejecters Disengaged and most likely to rebuff all green concepts.

It’s clear that growing concern about the environment is a vast driving force behind current shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviour all around the world. There is definitely demand in the marketplace for green-perceived brands, however in order to win the hearts and minds of consumers, marketers must be sure to get their green marketing messages aligned with consumer expectations.

Over a period of almost two decades, Ask Afrika has grown to be the largest independent South African market research company. The company focuses on local relevance, benchmarked against the global context. Apart from its large South African footprint, Ask Afrika also operates in a dozen African continental territories. Their exclusive product suite includes the Orange Index, Trust Barometer, Radio Moods, TGI Icon Brand and TGI (the Target Group Index).

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